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Workplace Nutrition

I've worked for large corporations, and have seen how much people struggle to manage their nutrition around busy, stressful jobs.

I strongly believe that companies can do more to support employee wellbeing and nutrition practices than a communal fruit bowl. It's worth investing in improving workplace health, vitality and productivity.

In my seminars and workshops, I help employees understand not only what good nutrition practices look like in the workplace, but how to easily put those concepts into practice.

Free Download: Workplace Wellness 101 Posters

Workplace Wellness Seminars

Engage your employees in practical discussions about specific changes they can make to their days to feel well, stay balanced and improve productivity.

Available in half-hour, full-hour or two-hour slots. 


Small Group Coaching

Individualized nutrition coaching and problem solving for groups of up to five people. Clearance from GP or dietitian may be required.

Available as virtual sessions.


Talk to my partners at Manual Handling NZ

Olympic Weightlifter and Manual Handling specialist Richie Patterson has developed a unique manual handling training delivery drawing from his 22 years as an elite athlete. Utilizing modern techniques to assist businesses in reducing the personal risk factors associated with musculoskeletal sprains & strains. Applauded in his engagement and delivery - Richie will leave your staff inspired and motivated to take care of themselves.

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