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Terms of service

For training, programming, and nutrition coaching

Contract termination

Please provide 2 weeks' notice when you wish to cancel our contract. I will continue to charge for 2 weeks after this notice is provided.

Cancellations & annual leave

I ask for 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a PT or nutrition coaching session, or the session delivery fee will be forfeited.

All 1:1 coaching services are subscription services. For regular PT, the $50 weekly programming fee included in the cost of your weekly sessions cannot be suspended. The same applies during holiday periods and in the case of any further lockdowns.


If you refer a friend, you get a week's programming or one PT session free.

Referring out

Sometimes I'll need help with tricky issues outside my scope. In these cases we may need a physio, dietitian, GP or other third party to help us carry on.

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