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Training Services

I work with everyday athletes - people who take their movement practice seriously.

Weekend warriors, after-work runners, social-sporters, yoga enthusiasts, barbell lifters, and CrossFit competitors. All of them experience common barriers to performance:

  • poor mobility

  • inefficient movement patterns

  • insufficient strength

  • poor conditioning

  • injury

  • detrimental nutrition habits

My job is to assess your needs, define your limitations and design your future to overcome roadblocks so you can progress effectively and stamp out the competition (or your own personal bests).

Bespoke Programs
& coaching

Online coaching for training and nutrition, individualized to your needs


Online coaching with maximal tailoring to the individual. Check out this video to see how it works!


  • 45-min consultation & goal-setting

  • App-based program delivery

  • Weekly virtual check-in

  • Weekly programming

  • Up to 12 videos per week review

  • 48 hour response time

Weekly Programming


Personal training

At City Crossfit 4051, Chermisde, Brisbane.



  • Option for multiple sessions per week

  • 30- and 45-min sessions available

  • Programming for non-session days included for weekly PT clients


Programming tailored to you, with a little more autonomy and a little less coaching contact.



  • 45-min consultation & goal-setting

  • App-based program delivery

  • Training check-in at the two-week mark, then monthly from onboarding date

  • 3-day response time to messages

  • Up to 10 technique videos per month review

Monthly Programming 

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Nutrition coaching

For more information about nutrition coaching, please visit my nutrition page.

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