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Sharing Food

Nutrition Coaching

I coach nutrition for...

  • fat loss

  • muscle gain

  • performance 

  • forming healthy habits

...while considering maintaining your relationship with food.

How it works

A nutrition coaching subscription includes

  • A weekly check-in via app

  • Appointments at an agreed frequency, covering roadblocks and challenges, adjustments we need to make to your nutrition approach

  • Meal plans where required (though I rarely use them)

My approach

This depends heavily on the person in front of me.

But, for all people, there are some nutrition basics that are important for everyone to cover. You can scope out for yourself here using the decision tree resource below to see how you're doing with your nutrition knowledge. If there are pieces in there that you think you can work on, it might be worth getting some help.

In the beginning, most clients do weekly or fortnightly appointments, then reduce appointment frequency after 6-12 weeks.

My scope of practice

My scope is limited and my insurance does not cover chronic illness or advising on medical conditions. For these cases we can still work together under the guidance and supervision of a Registered Dietitian, and we may need support from your GP as well. In rare cases we may also choose to involve a psychologist. You will need to fill out a risk screen before we work together to determine whether you're in scope for me.

I have a network of dietitians I can refer you to if we need extra support, or if you have a preferred provider we can go through them as well.



Do all your clients track their macros/calories?

No. I'd say just over half my clients will track their food at some stage, and usually for a predetermined period of time. Whether or not we choose to track depends on your experience level, goals, preferences, and relationship with food.

Do you write meal plans?

Rarely. Coaching for me is about empowering you to take charge of your own nutrition. My goal is for you to understand how to make your food work for you and your lifestyle. Meal plans don't help you learn anything. If you're looking for just a meal plan and nothing else, I'm not a good fit for your needs (but I seriously think you should consider whether that is what you need). 

Cases that I would consider using a meal plan include tight timelines for weight loss, off-season bodybuilders returning to a normal food intake after a cut, or the first week of a new nutrition strategy.

Will you help me prep for a bodybuilding show?

No. But still feel free to ask about it, because I can refer you to the best person I know. I am happy to work with noncompetitive bodybuilders or off-season bodybuilders.

Can you help me with my gut health?

Not exactly. For one, I won't work with IBS or IBD clients without supervision from a dietitian. That said, sometimes funny guts happen because of under fuelling, so sometimes we see guts improving just by getting your nutrition sorted. I can't diagnose that and we'll still want to work with an RD in that situation.

You should generally be cautious of people who claim to do nutrition for restoring gut health or hormones. I can refer you to some excellent RDs if this is what you're looking for.

I have PCOS/endometriosis/amenorrhea. Can you help?

No, I can't directly help you to improve the symptoms of these conditions. But I can work with you on your nutrition for fat loss, muscle gain, health or performance if we also work with a dietitian to make sure we're meeting any additional nutritional needs you have. 

Do I have to do the virtual check ins, or can I just do appointments?

You have to do the virtual check-ins. This is how I keep an eye on what's happening between appointments and provides a space for you to ask questions. 

Do you coach vegan/vegetarian/plant based/flexitarians?


Will you help me execute a keto/carnivore/low carb diet?

I primarily coach people involved in sport, fitness and athletic endeavors, so it is rare that I will see this as the best path forward. These diets are not often logical choices for people involved in high-intensity activity. If this is something you don't want to budge on, I am not the coach for you.

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