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Sharing Food

Nutrition Coaching

I coach nutrition for...

  • fat loss

  • muscle gain

  • performance 

  • forming healthy habits

...while considering maintaining your relationship with food.

How it works

A nutrition coaching subscription includes

  • A weekly check-in via app

  • Appointments at an agreed frequency, covering roadblocks and challenges, adjustments we need to make to your nutrition approach

My approach

This depends heavily on the person in front of me.

But, for all people, there are some nutrition basics that are important for everyone to cover. You can scope out for yourself here using the decision tree resource below to see how you're doing with your nutrition knowledge. If there are pieces in there that you think you can work on, it might be worth getting some help.

In the beginning, most clients do weekly or fortnightly appointments, then reduce appointment frequency after 6-12 weeks.

My scope of practice

My scope is limited and I am not a dietitian or clinical nutritionist. In some cases we can work together with support from allied health professionals. I'll get you to fill out a risk screen before we work together to determine whether you're in scope for me.



Do all your clients track their macros/calories?

No. Some do, but not all.

I have PCOS/endometriosis/IBS/IBD/Diabetes/another clinical condition. Can you help?

No, I can't directly help you to manage any of these conditions. But I can work with you on your nutrition for fat loss, muscle gain, health or performance while working with a GP, APD or RD on these issues. 

Do you coach vegan/vegetarian/plant based/flexitarians?


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