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My Story

Movement is my obsession: it allows us to learn, adapt, and grow. 

I learned to move as a gymnast, and as a team sport player in my youth. Later, I got strong under a barbell, but started to move poorly. When I reevaluated my priorities I decided to re-learn to move better, and started to leverage my gymnastics background and specific mobility training to give myself the best of both worlds. 

I had trouble around food for a long time, despite an interest in nutrition. But great nutrition builds the pillars that your movement practice stands upon, so I worked to improve my habits and behaviours around food.

Coaches helped me improve my ability to move, to get strong, and to eat better. 

That's why I became a coach myself: because I understand that doing it alone is rarely the best path to success. 

Now I coach and get coached for the things I like to do: Olympic weightlifting, running, team sports, CrossFit, gymnastics, and staying mobile and strong. I also coach other people to manage their nutrition, because I understand that it can be tricky and uncomfortable for some of us.

If you're looking to move, eat, and train better, I can help. I will push you and I will help you clear roadblocks.

I will help you problem solve and become a better athlete. Because I didn't do it alone, and neither should you.


BSc (Physiology)/BCom (Marketing, Management)

University of Auckland


Accredited Sports Nutritionist (openly accredited)

Sports Nutrition Association

Additional Certifications

Mobility Specialist-- FRCms

Functional Range Systems


Richie Patterson Weightlifting Levels 1&2

Richie Patterson Weightlifting

CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit, LLC

PRI Pelvis Course

Postural Restoration Institute

Wake Your Body Up! and What the Foot

Anatomy in Motion

Kettlebells Level 1 

Master Kettlebell Academy

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