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Programs &

Follow these links to purchase my off-the-shelf programs and resources for CrossFit, gymnastics and nutrition.

Train with me on Ganbaru 

I have several programs available via the Ganbaru app where you can follow along with my training, develop specific skills, and gain access to programs from other amazing coaches, all in one place.

Use code ANNA for 10% off!

Handstand Walks 

Phases 1-3: walk on your hands in 12 weeks (or buy each phase of the program separately if you're not sure).

Double under program 

A collab with my friend Ahrie for double unders can be found here.

EAting for the everyday athlete

A simple E-book to help you start to navigate common challenges around nutrition for active people who need to fuel for their training.

Everyday Easy Eats

A collab effort with my friend Naturally Nina, providing 20 meal ideas that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less - for days you don't have time or CBF cooking.

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