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‘I did personal training with Anna for about 5 months and made some amazing gains in that time. I had been dealing with injuries for several years prior and was at the point where I’d stopped training due to pain and discomfort. I had seen several PTs in the past and hadn’t achieved the results I was after and Anna helped progress me further towards my goals. For years I had been training without a plan and really underestimated the importance of following specific programming tailored to individual needs. Anna is passionate about what she does and genuinely cares about her clients goals, I can’t recommend her enough’


Anna is awesome to work with. She loves a challenge and goes above and beyond to help you get results. She's helped me go far beyond any goal I thought I could achieve in 12 months, and made training fun.


I have learned so much since working with Anna. Anna is extremely patient, has a deep knowledge in her area and an ability to explain concepts clearly. She has truly cared about me as a client and has been invested in my improvements. She is heaps of fun to work with and I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted.
She has taught me to think about my body in ways I hadn’t before - changing my whole mindset towards my body and movement. I feel holistically so much more in touch with my body and I have accessed mobility and strength that I didn’t realise I could have before.


It's a very rare thing to find a trainer that places the same drive on their clients' fitness as they do on their own.


Anna, simply put, is fantastic. Her enthusiasm and knowledge really shines through. Anna was able to push me effectively but with empathy and friendliness. Anna was able to adjust my program on the fly and in response to my ever-changing chronic illness. She has been pivotal in helping me understand how to move my body and fuel it when I'm struggling.

Sarah O.

Anna is great at distilling nutrition information in a way that’s easy to understand. She has realistic and easy to achieve advice that doesn't feel overwhelming.


It's been awesome to work with a supportive and non-judgmental nutritionist. I personally had a couple things I wasn't willing to give up - namely alcohol. Instead of Anna insisting I give it up copmletely we came to an agreement to reduce the amount I was drinking and tweak my food to allow for it. This was awesome - I could change my lifestyle rather than just doing a diet.
She also understood the amount of energy I was expending on exercise while trying to lose weight - I needed to eat more of some things to give me the energy I needed for training.


Anna is an incredible trainer - everything she does is motivated by what's best for you and what's going to practically improve your everyday life. I've never felt stronger and more aware of how I move my body than when training with Anna - she's such an empowering and confidence-building coach!


When I first met with Anna, her energy and interest in my personal goals really impressed me.
The program she put together was so well suited to me, it didn’t even feel hard! It was a mix of home workouts and in-gym sessions with her, and her support was incredible. She also coached me through some changes to my nutrition, which have been realistic to stick to and taught me how to eat well, without the silly low-cal, detox, extreme diets I had tried in the past.
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