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4 weeks out

Fuel for your competition.
Eat like an athlete.

A 4-week crash course in nailing day-to-day and game day nutrition for high-level competitors.

For just $30 a week.
Run in groups of 8 or fewer people.

Next group coaching commencement date: TBD (as at 21/08/2023)


Week one

Calories & macros for you

Energy availability and body composition

Supplements to start taking right now

Week Two

Nutrient timing (when to eat what)

Structuring your meals

Planning, tracking and executing your nutrition plan

Week three

Navigating busy schedules with performance nutrition

The athlete's lifestyle

Nutrition around the menstrual cycle

Week four

Putting it all together

Game day nutrition

Managing a post-comp slump

What you get each week


Topic of the week to cover our focus for the week and how to nail that component of performance nutrition.


A time to catch up on individual questions from the group or common problems to solve together.


Your opportunity to tell me how you're going, stay accountable, and ask anything specific to you.

Feedback video

My response to the group's week of check-ins, highlighting common concerns, trends and things that can be improved upon.

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