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Athlete eats
Small group coaching

Nutrition for the everyday crossfitter.


Your guide to building nutrition and lifestyle habits that support training, body composition and performance.

Small group programs are run in 6 week blocks.

Next program date: 18 March 2024

What is it?

6 weeks of education, ideas and group support to help you focus on the things that actually matter when it comes to improving your nutrition habits, not the silly stuff in your instagram feed.

How is it delivered?

  • Weekly 30-minute live stream on the topic of the week

  • Optional meal plans to follow for each member that signs up

  • Fortnightly check-ins via Google forms with personalised video response

  • Weekly Q&A session to share wins, ask questions and troubleshoot stumbling blocks

  • Group accountability in a shared chat

  • Weekly recipes

Topics covered

Week 1: goal setting and nutrition habit basics

Week 2: What to eat - protein, plants and portions

Week 3: The #1 nutrition skill that you probably suck at

Week 4: Eating "healthy" is bullshit (and what you need to know instead)

Week 5: Managing cravings, navigating social meals, and how to indulge

Week 6: Concept review and wrap-up

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