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Athlete eats
Small group coaching

Nutrition for the everyday crossfitter.


Your guide to building nutrition and lifestyle habits that support training, body composition and performance.


This challenge is for the everyday athlete - the four-times-a-week CrossFitter, the most-days runner, the Iron Man weekend warrior, after-work footy player, the combat-sport roller or the barbell lifter.

Small group programs are run in 8 week blocks.

Next program date: 17 April

What do you get

  • Introductory seminar with goal-setting support

  • Private group with fellow challenge members to ask questions and share support

  • Guidance on how to achieve your goals

  • Weekly topics and targets to regularly direct your efforts

  • Food preparation tips and tricks for busy professionals

  • Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable

  • Weekly prize: the chance to win individual support

Learning outcomes

Nutrition making and breaking habits
The 4 things athletes need to nail with food
Tracking and identifying issues with your diet
Impact of lifestyle, environments & food beliefs
Optimize game-day performance nutrition


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